Tuesday, December 3, 2013

[Anime] Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Review

Episodes: 12 + 1 OVA
Source: Light Novel
Overall Score: 6

Sometimes, I feel an anime can be judged based on how you feel upon approaching the final episode. If you're thinking "No! It's over already!? I need more!" then surely the anime fulfilled it's purpose of being interesting and/or entertaining. On the other hand, if you think "Ah, good, it's finally over," then the anime probably wasn't very interesting, and therefore a failure, right? For me, upon reaching episode 12 of Denpa Onna, I definitely breathed a sigh of relief. Was it because I was glad to be released from watching a very uneventful, slow, rather boring slice-of-life show and could finally move on to something else with a more engaging, ongoing plot? Indeed. Does that mean I thought it was a bad anime? Not quite.

Score: 5

The story, basically, is about a young man, Niwa, who moves in with his aunt Meme and cousin, Erio. His cousin is a NEET who wraps herself in her futon, eats pizza, and claims to be an alien. The first 3 episodes of the show are dedicated to our protagonist helping Erio get over her delusions and attempt to reintegrate back into society. I must say that these episodes are very fun to watch, and hands down the best part of the anime. It quickly goes downhill from the 4th episode. The rest of the show are standalone slice-of-life episodes of random, mundane events including Niwa, Meme, Erio, and his 2 weird female classmates, Ryuushi, and Maekawa, who are by far the most uninteresting characters in the entire anime. Unfortunately, far more screen time is dedicated to those 2 than Erio, who is absolutely adorable, and the only real reason to watch the show.

Overall: 4

In slice-of-life shows, it is essential to have interesting, lovable characters. Without character appeal, a slice-of-life show is absolutely boring, mundane, and there is no reason to keep watching. While Denpa Onna's character's are definitely interesting, they sure aren't likable. Except for Erio.
The protagonist is so boring and dull, there really is nothing else to say about him.
Erio: She's lovable, but it's obvious that she's only there to be adorable and make us drool over her. Even though she is the main appeal of the show, she has very limited screen time after the 4th episode. Full of wasted potential.
Ryuushi: Absolutely annoying in every way. Her retort, "Ryuuko ya chuu ni!!" whenever someone calls her name gets irritating after the first few times. She continues to say it until the very end. Maybe some will like her, but she irritated me to death every time she came on screen, which was way too often.
Maekawa: A really weird girl. I don't even..
Meme: Half-annoying, half-lovable, our protagonist's aunt is perhaps the biggest oddball in the show, and perhaps the deepest character? Though that isn't saying much.
I do believe the creator tried to make interesting and appealing characters, and some people will really like them. I just found them incredibly annoying, except for Erio.

Overall: 8

The redeeming part of this anime is it's music, and the video that accompanies the opening and ending songs. While I generally skip through these parts of any anime, I didn't skip Denpa Onna's a single time, opening or ending. The opening theme is one of the catchiest and upbeat I have ever heard, featuring mainly Erio, and the ending is just plain adorable, song and animation, also featuring the lovely Erio who really deserves so much more screen time, the poor girl.

So, a lot of people like this anime. If they have a high tolerance for the slice-of-life genre, and irritatingly odd characters, I can see this show being more enjoyable than many of it's competitors. Among all slice-of-life's, this anime would surely earn an 8 or 9. Unfortunately, I am not much of a fan of either. I came here for Erio.. and I did not get what I came for past episode 3. Instead, I got an irritatingly random slice-of-life show with even more irritating characters, with my poor Erio being shoved mercilessly to the backseat, in favor of less worthy girls early on. I am disappoint. The only thing this anime did for me was convince me to happily buy a used Erio figure from AmiAmi, which I await with anticipation, for now I will be able to see her adorable face as much as I want!~

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